Compozer (Sand compaction pile method)

The composer method uses a vibrating hollow pipe for repeated driving and lifting to create large-diameter, well compacted sand piles in soft ground for ground stabilization. It is the most representative of the sand compaction pile methods and is the most widely used. This method was developed and commercialized by this company as a world-wide first. It has been implemented in all parts of the world and the total length of all installed piles exceeds 380,000 km.

New civil engineering technologySeptember 1989:  Japanese Geotechnical Society, Technology Prize


  • Suited to wide range of ground types
  • Can meet wide range of improvement objectives
  • Creates reliable Compozer piles
  • Highly reliable implementation management and quality control
  • Most widely used method to counter liquefaction
  • Can be used for deep water and deep ground improvement
  • Economical implementation
  • Highly versatile
  • Construction-generated material can be used effectively


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