A message from Shinya Okuda, who was appointed President in April 2018

The Fudo Tetra Group has as its Mission towards society “Helping to make Japan a rich, safe and secure land”, and we thus regard our business activities as directly linked to our contribution to society.Our corporate philosophy conveys the message in-house and to the outside world of the type of corporate entity the Group aims to be, and the Group’s CSR management is essentially putting that philosophy into practice. Each of our three main business—civil engineering, ground improvement and blocks & environment—makes its contribution discharging the role assigned to the construction industry, and works hard to ensure the Group meets expectations and fulfills trust. In meeting the expectations and demands of all our stakeholders we are working to build a safe and secure land.

For our staff we aim to make the workplace one of high motivation, employing and training a diverse range of human resources—not just young people, but also older people, women, and those from overseas. We plan radical changes in ways of working by cutting overtime and encouraging staff to take planned days off. As a responsible member of the business community the company as a whole is tackling environmental issues that now have so much impact, and will continue to work towards achieving a sustainable society. For our corporate Group to maintain the trust of society, our three businesses and the Group will as one continue in the future to practice our corporate philosophy and CSR management based on environmental, social and governance criteria.

We trust that our stakeholders will continue to give the Fudo Tetra Group understanding and support.


Shinya Okuda