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Technologies Assuring Japan’s Safety and Security

Established in October 2006, we are a corporate joint venture resulting from a merger between Fudo Construction Corporation, a specialist in onshore civil engineering and ground improvement, and Tetra Corporation, a company that designs and leases formwork for making wave-dissipating blocks, and undertakes other offshore civil engineering.
Both companies have been involved in the construction of tunnels, highways and harbors, while honing technologies in their individual areas of expertise to mitigate liquefaction and subsidence in the ground, and protect vulnerable coastlines and offshore breakwaters from the power of the waves. Fudo Tetra’s desire for the future is to use its technical capability to ensure Japan’s land is safe and secure.

Coordinating Three Business Fields: Civil Engineering, Ground Improvement and Blocks & Environment

Japan is frequently subjected to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, and enabling its communities to withstand such threats is an objective of nationwide importance that requires constant addressing. As our corporate philosophy at Fudo Tetra, we see our Mission as contributing to making Japan a rich, safe and secure land. To meet the dreams and needs of the new age we see turning change into evolution as our Value, while our Vision is to develop and provide technologies that span the generations. To achieve this, we coordinate our three business fields of civil engineering, ground improvement and concrete blocks to build the base for social infrastructure, targeting as our management policy sustained growth in onshore and offshore business.

Developing a Stream of Innovative Methodologies

All types of structures—buildings, roads, bridges and so on—are built on the ground. The condition of the ground is not fully apparent to the naked eye. To preclude damage from subsidence, landslips and similar threats to built structures, a thorough understanding of the nature of the ground is essential to prepare it for the structure to be built on it. In 1956 Fudo Tetra succeeded in developing the Sand Compaction Pile method (traded as the Compozer method) in a world-wide first, and since then has used its expertise to develop many ground improvement technologies. Every year between 10 and 20 patent applications are made, the highest number in the industry.
We have pioneered the field of ground improvement technology, our ground improvement business moving on from the Sand Compaction Pile method to the development of highly innovative new methods growing out of our experience, such as the SAVE Compozer (a non-vibratory sand compaction pile method), and the CI-CMC method (a large-diameter high quality deep mixing method).

Reliable Technologies Underpinning Unbounded Ideas

The Blocks & Environment business is supplying the world with new creatively shaped high-performance blocks that break with tradition. Firm technologies underpin unbounded innovative ideas.
‘Tetrapod’ has now become the generic term for wave-dissipating blocks, and these blocks are widely recognized. The technology behind them was first introduced and commercialized in Japan by Fudo Tetra. Many different formwork designs are available to produce the shapes best suited to wave action or current, and they are positioned in interlinking layouts. Using Tetrapod technology as a base, Fudo Tetra is constantly modifying and refining to develop new-style wave-dissipating blocks.

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