Block environmental products

Fudo Tetra continues to challenge new things to meet the demands and needs of the new era,
making the land resilient to natural disasters and supporting local communities.

Type ApplicationsProduct name Location Structural type
Shorelines Waterways Others Breakwaters & Revetments Detached breakwaters Wave-dissipating breakwaters Jetties & Headlands Submerged breakwaters & Artificial Reefs Upright wave-dissipating breakwaters and shipping facilities Shallow sloping and stepped embankments Coastal Breakwater Fish reefs & Seaweed beds Dikes (rivers) Revetments (rivers) Spur dikes (rivers) Groundsills (rivers) Erosion control (rivers) Fishways (rivers) Temporary placement Others
Solid type Tetrapod
Dolos II
Flat type Permex
X Block
X Block(T-Type, Thick Type)
X Block(Protrusion type)
X Block(Low Protrusion type)
Crabrock E
Pressrock Mega
Crabrock R
Flat type
Crabrock S
Stepped type Terrace CS
Terrace T
RS Block
(vertical wave-dissipating)
Cross Hollow
Environmental product Bag Material for bag-type foot protection (Kyowa Filter Unit S type;)
Bag Material for bag-type foot protection (Kyowa Filter Unit standard type; reinforced type; mat type)
Reef Mat
Haneru Fishway Block
Re-Birth Wood
Shibotex Method
Ion Culture