Our Business

Fudo Tetra is a general contractor with Civil Engineering, Ground Improvement and Blocks & Environment businesses.
From our core fields of ground improvement and blocks and environment, which are based on self-developed expertise,
we have further increased our technical competitiveness in civil engineering, both on land and offshore.
In contributing in different ways to the building of social capital, we are fulfilling the needs and meeting the expectations of a new age,
creating a land resilient to natural disasters and developing local communities.

Fudo Tetra

Our desire is to deliver a safe and secure land to future generations. Coordinating our three business fields of civil engineering, ground improvement and concrete blocks we continue our mission to refine technologies that underpin Japan’s safety and security and develop new solutions and technologies rich in innovation.


Civil Engineering Business

Through a wealth of technologies and long business experience, we are establishing the foundations for future society with land-based civil engineering that includes roads, railways, dams, river, water and sewage and energy facilities, and offshore civil engineering for harbors, airports, fishing ports, shorelines and man-made islands.


Ground Improvement Business

In 1956 Fudo Tetra has successfully developed the sand compaction pile method first in the world, which is now the most common method of ground improvement. We have continued research and development since that time, and now as the experts in ground improvement works we have a fruitful of design expertise and implementation technologies and long experience in this field.


Block & Environment Business

Fudo Tetra leases the special form for wave-dissipating foot protection blocks widely known as Tetrapods, and markets other environmental landscaping products. We also develop and market a range of technical and design services for waterfronts, as well as products to protect their landscape and ecosystems.