CSR Concept

Fudo Tetra drew up a new Code of Conduct in April 2015.
For the Fudo Tetra Group, we believe that CSR management means that every employee of the company puts into practice our corporate philosophy,
following the Code of Conduct.
From now, we will systematize the CSR activities of our three businesses in line with the Code of Conduct,
and press for disclosure of easily understood information for our stakeholders.

Management Philosophy


Contributing to the creation of a prosperous, safe, and secure land


Marching on toward the future by always turning change into evolution


Providing proprietary technologies that stand the test of time

Management Policy

Aiming for sustainable growth on land and at sea through coordination of the three businesses of Civil Engineering, Soil Improvement and Blocks

Code of Conduct

To realize the management philosophy of the Fudo Tetra Group, we shall define here our Code of Conduct.

  1. We will work to create a prosperous, safe and secure land, always aim to develop unique technologies and improve quality, and provide trusted construction and services.
  2. We will comply with laws, regulations, and the Code, and will act with sound ethics.
  3. We will perform business activities in good faith and conduct appropriate transactions, based on fairness, transparency, and freedom of competition.
  4. We will stand resolute against anti-social forces that threaten citizens and society, and not respond in any way to unjust demands.
  5. We will disclose company information in an appropriate and timely manner, while actively engaging in interactive communication with society at large.
  6. We will always place human life and safety at the forefront in our actions.
  7. We will respect human rights, and create a fulfilling workplace environment that values personalities, uniqueness, and diversity.
  8. We will earnestly engage in environmental preservation and restoration toward realizing a sustainable society.
  9. We will contribute to the development of regional society through our business activities, respecting the histories, cultures, and customs, etc., of various regions both in and outside of Japan while also actively engaging in social contribution activities.
  10. We will acknowledge that practicing the Code is our duty, and implement it in good faith, while seizing various changes as fuel for evolution toward a bright future.