PDF Method (Floating type plastic board drain method)

Special floats are used on very soft ground or in shallow water over soft ground for direct installation of plastic drains. A special plastic material is used for the horizontal drain layer, making conventional sand mats unnecessary.

Improvement using PDF method

  • In Combination with Horizontal Drains
In the PDF method, vertical plastic drains can be installed over water or mud by utilizing linked floats. Implementation over mud requires neither solidification work nor sand mats to ensure trafficability. Horizontal drains can substitute for sand mats.


  • Shortened schedules

    Direct vertical drains can be installed from over very soft ground immediately after or during landfill. Compared with land implementation, schedules can be shortened for the overall reclamation process.

  • Conventional sand mats not required

    Horizontal drain material can substitute for sand mats.

  • Implementation possible at lakes and marshy ground

    The whole installation system can be transported by land, so implementation is possible at inland lakes or other isolated stretches of water.

  • Greater volume of dredged soil can be accepted

    Quantities accepted at dredged soil disposal facilities can be increased at low cost, helping to extend life of facility.

  • Highly reliable method

    The plastic board drain method is a reliable method used for wide-ranging applications, and delivering highly acclaimed improvement effect.

  • GPS used

    GPS (global positioning system) is used for accurate and speedy positioning.

  • Non-vibratory, low noise method

    This low noise method does not use a vibratory device and has minimal impact on the surroundings.

  • Environment-friendly

    This method is environment-friendly, avoiding depletion of natural sand and other resources.

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