EPS Panel Curing Method

Curing Concrete with Expanded Polystyrene

EPS panels designed to the tunnel shape are fitted closely to the surface of the lining concrete after removal of the formwork. Maintaining temperature and moisture in the concrete in this way has the effect of increasing its initial strength and reducing cracks.


  • EPS panels have low permeability and absorb little water, and so can maintain lining concrete in a moist state.
  • EPS panels are highly insulating and can maintain a high temperature in lining concrete.

    Photo 4: Lining surface after EPS panels removed (after 7 days)

  • EPS panels are lightweight and don’t require special equipment or temporary structure. The method does not add significantly to the schedule.

Installation Method


1 Supporting beams set up

2 EPS panels installed

3 Panel adjusted at crown

4 Pressed against concrete with beam adjusting jack