Compaction Management Method using GNSS, Subgrade Reaction Data

During surface compaction of an embankment, this system obtains and displays in real time the number of roller turns and the status of the compacted ground for the whole implementation area, utilizing GNSS (global navigation satellite system) to give position and CCV (compaction control value) to obtain ground stiffness. CCV is obtained from an analysis of the roller acceleration wave form measured with an accelerometer fitted on the vibro-roller, and gives an instant value for ground stiffness. This technology was jointly developed with Japan Highway Public Corporation (now, Nippon Expressway Research Institute Co., Ltd.) and Hazama (Now, Hazama Ando Corporation).

System Outline
Screen Displays


  • Gives greater speed and greater precision, and saves on labor
  • Quality can be controlled for whole compacted area
  • Particularly benefits large-scale embankments