Block Placement Imaging System

A Support System for accurate and Efficient Placement of Wave-dissipating Blocks.

This system assists the accurate and efficient placement of wave-dissipating and all other types of blocks.
The crane operator moves the block to match the target position (target position and direction virtual line) shown on the monitor screen in the crane cab. In this way the block can be installed with precision.

Bock Placement Imaging System Screen Display


  • Conventional pole markers positioned at the target location are not needed, increasing efficiency.
  • Markers are not shifted by tidal surges or the wind, and so block positioning can be very accurate.
  • Using WiFi, the system’s screens can be viewed, for example, from the bridge of the crane barge

Implementation Method


  • 1 System Set Up
    • GNSS antenna and camera are fitted to the top of the crane’s boom
    • GNSS antenna is fitted in preferred location on the crane barge.
  • 2 System primed
    • Block placement plan (block type, base point coordinates, number for placement, placement spacing, placement angle, layer data, etc.) and barge data (barge dimensions, GNSS location on barge, etc.) is input.
  • 3 System is run and blocks are placed
    • ブロックを据付

      GNSS outfitting (crane boom top)

      Camera outfitting (crane boom top)

      Laptop (monitor)