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Ground improvement work for levee, New Orleans, US

2011 / Overseas / Groundwork

This work formed part of measures to prevent recurrence of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, and involved soft ground subsidence and stability countermeasures for leveling work for an 8.4km length of east side levee. Fudo Construction Inc. undertook the work, commissioned by Treviicos North America, the US subsidiary of Italy-based Trevi.

Fudo Tetra’s patented CI-CMC method was adopted for the whole length, and it was at the time the largest scale cement deep mixing implementation in the US.


US Army Corps of Engineers > Treviicos




Louisiana, US

Work Outline

CI-CMC method
Specs: Double-axis, 1.6m pile diameter, 20.5m pile length
Volume: 628,000m3



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