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Lach Huyen Container Terminal, Haiphong, Vietnam (Package 6)

2014 / Overseas / Groundwork

Lach Huyen international port construction project in northern Vietnam is a new container terminal island off Haiphong harbor, Vietnam’s largest port. A project of Japan’s overseas development aid, offshore CDM was adopted as STEP 1 technology, as slippage stabilizing countermeasure behind quays built to a 14m depth of water.
To reduce shipping costs from Japan, preliminary checking confirmed components that could be manufactured locally to be used to build CDM work barges using chartered floating decks. For implementation, 3 CDM work barges were built, each with a double assembly of 2-axis 1,300mm diameter specs, never seen before in specialist CDM barges in Japan. The river’s tidal flow was very fast and the shallow sea conditions made it punishing work, but with 2 alternating shifts we were able to meet the contract schedule. During implementation, a 16km access highway, including a 3km bridge section, was being built to link Lach Huyen port to the mainland. As in Hong Kong for the airport extension work, and for Patimban Port development in Indonesia, Fudo Tetra’s on-site barge-outfitting skills were highly acclaimed by clients.


Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport Maritime Bureau > Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd. and Toa Corporation joint venture




Haiphong, Vietnam

Work Outline

Offshore deep mixing method
Specs: 3 barges locally fitted for CDM, double assembly 1,300mm diameter x 2-axis
Volume: 501,305m3



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