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We also conduct mold leasing for products such as the vertical wave-dissipating block “Igloo,” the eco-friendly type block “Aquareef” and the new type of covering block “Permex” as well as the wave-dissipating block represented by the “Tetrapod.”

For the adoption of each block, the Company provides various technological and design services, such as preparation of cross-section diagrams and positioning diagrams with CAD and proposals for required tonnage via simulations. Additionally, we will make proposals on technologies and products that are considerate of co-existence and harmony with organisms and scenery of shores, rivers, and surrounding areas.

  • Tetrapod
    TetrapodThe Tetrapod, which has become synonymous with wave-dissipating blocks, have a simple shape yielding superior workability, and its high stability against wave action due to strong interlocking between each block makes structures stable.
  • Permex
    PermexThe Permex is the ideal block for covering artificial reefs or rubble mounds of composite type breakwaters, which has outstanding stability and superior economy. It also contributes to creating habitats for a wide variety of marine life.
  • Tetra-Neo
    Tetra-NeoThe Tetra-Neo is an improved version of the trusted and reputable Tetrapod, heightening stability, structural strength, harmony with the environment and realizing low-cost construction.
  • Dolos
    DolosThrough an anchor-type shape, the Dolos has super excellent stability against waves due to its interlocking between blocks.

    Dolos brochure

  • Dolos Type II
    Dolos Type IIThe Dolos Type II is a nonreinforced block that was developed based on the Dolos, which targets severe wave areas. It realizes high structural strength, high stability, and low-cost construction.
  • X-Block, T-Type, Thick Type, Protrusion, Kelp-X
    X-Block, T-Type, Thick Type, Protrusion, Kelp-XThe X-Block is a versatile block in a wide range of situations such as covering rubble mounds of composite type breakwaters or foot protection of rivers. Its simple shape gives advantages in performance of construction.
  • Igloo
    IglooThe Igloo is a vertical wave-dissipating block that secures calmness within ports and fishing harbors. It boasts excellent wave-dissipating function and a superior appearance.
  • Aquareef
    AquareefThe Aquareef is a unique structure that establishes artificial reefs and submerged breakwaters by linking units diagonally. While possessing excellent stability and wave-dissipating function, it creates habitats suitable for seaweed and fish.
  • Crabrock
    CrubrockThe Crabrock is utilized in coastal areas and rivers as revetment to prevent corrosion with its hydrophilic functions.
  • Terrace C-Type
    Terrace C-TypeThe Terrace C-type is used as gentle slope revetment for waterfronts. Due to its step shape, access to waterfronts can be easy.
  • Terrace CS-Type
    Terrace CS-TypeBy making the step side two-tier, with a circular and letter “S” curve, the Terrace CS-Type is attractive for landscaping, while allowing for easy access to waterfronts.
  • Terrace T-Type
    Terrace T-TypeThe Terrace T-Type has excellent stability for gentle slope revetment. It possesses both hydrophilic and usability functions.
  • Filter Unit
    Filter UnitThe Filter Unit is a bag type product for foot protection, etc. In addition to general purposes for rivers, the S-Type is also available for ocean regions.
  • Sipotex
    SipotexThe Sipotex is a method for coating inorganic material. This construction method allows for the renovation and preservation of structures in natural rock patterns.
  • Fishway “Haneru”
    Fishway “Haneru”The Fishway blocks are used for reproduction of natural river streams. It allows for movement for salmon, sweetfish, rhinogobius and Japanese mitten crab, etc.
  • Re-Birth Wood
    Re-Birth WoodThe Re-Birth Wood is a recycled wood material that is safe and has high water resistance. Aged natural wood decks can be recycled for material of Re-Birth Wood.
  • Ion Culture
    Ion CultureThe Ion Culture is a seaweed cultivation material. It is a foundation for flowing out components which is necessary for seaweed growth, such as phosphorous and iron ions.
  • Oil Collection Equipment
    Oil Collection EquipmentMachinery that efficiently recovers spilled oil from water areas that result from maritime accidents or harbor oil spills.
  • Slag Mill
    Slag MillThe Slag Mill is a recycling machine that reproduces various melting slags for use as concrete fine aggregate.
  • Evacuation Guide Solar Lighting ”Girasol”
    Evacuation Guide Solar Lighting ”Girasol”The Girasol is a lighting equipment that allows for safe and certain guidance from coastal areas to evacuation points such as higher ground.

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