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Fudo Tetra Group Privacy Policy

The Fudo Tetra Group shall treat all personal information acquired during the course of business and utilized (hereinafter the “Personal Information”) according to the following principles.

  1. While abiding by the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other related laws and regulations, the Company shall work to act in accordance with guidelines related to protection of Personal Information for sectors under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
  2. Internal regulations regarding handling of Personal Information shall be clearly defined, and employees shall be made aware of them. In addition, the Company shall work to review and improve this Privacy Policy and internal regulations.
  3. When acquiring Personal Information, purposes for use shall be specified in detail to the extent possible. When acquiring Personal Information directly from an individual, purposes for use shall be notified or announced to the individual. In addition, concerning Personal Information that has already been acquired, if a request is made by the individual subsequent to acquisition, purposes for use shall be appropriately disclosed. (Excluding cases where this is exempted due to laws and regulations.)
  4. Personal Information shall be used within the purposes for use above. The purposes for use shall not be modified nor shall the Personal Information be disclosed or provided to a third party without the prior approval of the individual.
  5. Concerning Personal Information, if the individual requests notification of the purposes for use, the disclosure or correction of the contents, termination of use, etc., appropriate measures shall be taken. (Excluding cases where this is exempted due to laws and regulations.)
  6. Personal Information shall be maintained in the most accurate and updated state to the extent possible within the range of the purposes for use.
  7. The Company shall take measures to prevent leakage, destruction, or damage, and other accidents such as unauthorized access or loss of Personal Information.
  8. In case of outsourcing the processing of Personal Information to an outside party, the Company shall take appropriate measures such as defining management responsibility of the contractor via contractual agreement.
  9. For inquiries regarding handling of Personal Information, please directly contact the responsible department that has acquired the concerning Personal Information. Furthermore, if the responsible department is not known, please contact Fudo Tetra Corporation (General Affairs and Personnel Department).

June 25, 2010
Fudo Tetra Corporation
Representative Director and President
Yuji Takehara

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