Barge consolidating system

This is a technology which improves dredge spoil to the level of required ground material by mixing it evenly with a solidifying agent onboard a barge (announced on September 13, 1999).
New Accelerated Consolidation Method for increasing the capacity of waste disposal sites

By the combined use of a floating-type plastic board drain and a dewatering well, dredge spoil is consolidated in a short period of time, increasing the capacity of waste disposal site(announced on July 27, 1999).
CI-CMC Method (composite intermixing-type deep mixing method)

With the development of "dualway mixing" for the first time in the world, this method is capable of handling large-scale improvement with high quality at a high speed and in an economical way.
SAVE Compozer (Quiet Compaction Method)

The Save Compozer method employs no vibration. Using rotational force only, the casing pipe is completely penetrated and then withdrawn a little at a time in a "wave" pattern to achieve soil compaction. Because it uses no vibration and produces little noise, this method is ideal for urban sites and other areas located close to existing structures.


JACSMAN is a new large-diameter deep-mixing method that combines the advantages of mechanical mixing and jet stirring. Faster and more economical than jet stirring, and easier to use in construction than mechanical mixing, the hybrid JACSMAN method ensures 100% soil improvement through the creation of soil-cement blocks with no parts left untreated. Control of the improved area is made possible through the use of dual, cross- jetting nozzles that emit a hardening agent.

The triple structure of the cutoff wall

TRINER-Method is the vertical cutoff wall technology, which is containment of the polluted soil to keep inside of cutoff wall, without any influence to underground water surrounding area and prevent the spillage polluted substance.
The feature of TRINER-Method is combined the diaphragm wall and the vertical sheet spillage method, with higher reliability.

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