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President’s Message

Aiming for sustainable growth with a new management philosophy and management policy

We are approaching a turning point of 10 years since Fudo Construction and Tetra merged and became Fudo Tetra. Toward this turning point, we are driving innovation in many areas related to management, such as management philosophy, management policy, and medium-term management plans. In our management philosophy, we have clearly positioned our mission as “contributing to the creation of a prosperous, safe, and secure land.” “Prosperous” aims to develop various societal foundations, such as roads, railways, and ports. “Safe and secure” is defined as countermeasures against natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Our management policy is “sustainable growth through coordination between civil engineering, soil improvement, and blocks.” This aims not only for the expansion of our business scale, but to continuously evolve into an even better company through coordination between the three businesses. To realize this goal, all officers and employees share the code of “constantly aiming to develop unique technologies and improve product quality” in the code of conduct to reinforce the management philosophy and management policy, as well as views on CSR, such as holding sound ethics, conducting appropriate transactions, and establishing productive work environments.

Fudo Tetra’s views on relationships with the environment and society

The country of Japan is surrounded by oceans, blessed with scenic beauty and delicious food, and has hot springs across the nation. However, if viewed in a different light, this also means that it is subject to many natural disasters. In particular, there have been frequent disasters such as earthquakes, large-scale debris flows, and volcanic eruptions in recent years. Our construction industry is also responsible for the important role of “protecting human life and assets” from such natural disasters. In such conditions, the Company utilizes technology primarily in soil improvement and wave-dissipating and solidifying blocks alongside know-how fostered in land- and ocean-based civil engineering to coordinate between our three businesses to comprehensively realize a living environment with safety and security.

During the Great East Japan Earthquake, liquefaction phenomena were observed in various regions, but no liquefaction occurred in locations where the Company performed soil improvement. After the earthquake, we have undertaken numerous projects for restoration and reconstruction works, and many of them are now complete. In addition, a cutting-edge tsunami generation equipment was introduced at the Comprehensive Technology Research Center, and through advanced hydrology experiments, we are studying port and coastal facilities that are resilient to tsunamis. In this way, we are supporting the livelihood of people from the two sides of disaster prevention and mitigation, alongside post-disaster restoration and reconstruction.

Furthermore, the construction business, by its very nature, always carries with it the risk of affecting the environment. As such, the Company focuses on development of construction methods and products that are considerate of the environment.

Through our business, and in areas outside of our business, each employee is involved in various activities such as social contribution activities. In the future, in order for the Company to provide even better contributions to society through these activities, “cooperation between the three businesses” is essential, as mentioned in our management philosophy. To achieve this end, we are working to create a good work environment that allows for unreserved exchanges of opinions.

To our stakeholders, we ask for your continued understanding and support of Fudo Tetra.

President, Representative Director Shinya Okuda
President, Representative Director

Shinya Okuda

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