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Medium-term Management Plan (FY2015-2017)

1. Management philosophy and management policy

Since the merger, the management philosophy of Fudo Tetra has been “contributing to creating a prosperous, safe environment through unique technologies and a spirit of innovation.” We have revised our management philosophy as follows to spread among our stakeholders of our corporate mission of continuing to contribute to society through land development across Japan.

Management philosophy

 Contributing to the creation of a prosperous, safe, and secure land

 Marching on toward the future by always turning change into evolution

 Providing proprietary technologies that stand the test of time

Management policy

Aiming for sustainable growth on land and at sea through coordination of the three businesses of Civil Engineering, Soil Improvement and Blocks

2. Medium-term Management Plan (FY2012-2014) in review

All benchmark targets were met

Basic policies

All benchmark targets were met

  • Strengthened role in earthquake recovery and disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Pursue profitability in operating income for the three businesses
  • Strengthen our financial base

Performance and financial targets

Operating margin
At least 2.5%
Ordinary income over 3 years
¥3.6 bn
Equity ratio
At least 35%

Target for shareholder returns

To resume dividend during the period of the plan

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